Friday 20 December 2019


As always I like to check out the television offerings. As always I've armed myself with the festive double issue of the Radio Times and a highlighter pen. Last year was a bit poor - hope it's better this year...

So here's the rules; no films although feature length 'made for TV' are fine. Festive fayre is preferred but not essential. Nothing that would ordinarily be in the schedule unless it's a festive special.

Saturday 21st
Captain's Pick today is a classic, mainly because there's nothing new worth watching... Check out;
Porridge - 4:30pm BBC2
I'll be at work anyway.

Sunday 22nd
Captain's Pick is probably my pick of the seasons TV, it's...
A Christmas Carol - 9pm BBC1
It's a 3 parter so don't forget to series link.

If you fancy a bit of nostalgia there's another festive Porridge - 5:15pm BBC2 and Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em - 8pm BBC4.

Monday 23rd
Captain's Pick today is The Goes Wrong Show - 7:30pm BBC1, I really enjoyed last year's comedy special from the "Cornley Drama Society", hoping for more of the same.

If you fancy something else then there's a festive Still Open All Hours - 8:30pm BBC1, Gordon Gino and Fred - 9pm ITV or if you fancy a comedy panel show then Eight Out of Ten Cats Does Countdown Christmas Special - 9pm CH4.

Christmas Eve
It's almost the big day, and my Captain's Pick is Not Going Out - 10pm BBC1 and if you want more comedy then check out QI: Quizmas - 10pm BBC2.

Christmas Day

Hopefully you all will be busy enjoying family and friends to watch TV but if you aren't or you just want to set the DVR here is my Captain's Pick... Probably the most awaited festive treat has to be Gavin & Stacey - 8:30pm BBC1. If you're not full up from your festive feast then maybe catch The Great Christmas Bake off - 7:10pm CH4. Love it or hate it there's a new Mrs Brown's Boys - 10:30pm BBC1. My gift to myself is Kylie at Glastonbury - 11:10pm BBC2 and Kylie's Secret Night - 10:30pm CH4.

Boxing Day
Tired? Still full? Hungover? Give the retail staff a break and stay home - have a proper duvet day in front of the telly with a bag a Doritos. The Captain's Pick today was a hard choice, there's quite a quality selection, but I have chosen and I'm going with Worzel Gummidge - 6:20pm BBC1 -  a retelling of the classic tales of my childhood (it's a 2-parter so set series link). Would I Lie to You at Christmas - 9:30pm BBC1 is a firm favourite but it wouldn't be a festive TV roundup without Big Fat Quiz of the Year - 9pm CH4.

The Middle Bit
If you are lucky enough to get this middle part of the Yuletide period off work then count yourself lucky, I never have although I count myself lucky that unlike some of our essential services I get the main days off. My Captain's Picks for the limbo period are...
Have I Got 2019 News for You - 9:30 27th BBC1,
a comedy round-up of the News of 2019.
The Repair Shop at Christmas - 7pm 29th BBC1,
a seasonal edition of one of my favourite shows of the year.
The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas - 7pm 29th CH4,
who doesn't love animals - especially at this time of year.
Frankie Boyle's New World Order - 10pm 30th BBC2,
divisive - controversial - funny, another take on the year.

New Year's Eve
So the year and the decade come to a close, if you're watching the telly then my Captain's Pick is The Last Leg of the Year - 9pm CH4 which will be a look back at the events of 2019. 

New Year's Day

Two words... DOCTOR WHO! The Captain's Pick has to be Doctor Who - 6:55pm BBC1, although this year it's not a 'special' and is the commencement of a new series (and I need to bend my own rules to include it) it's still a highlight of the season for me. Also new is the 3 part Dracula - 9pm BBC1 from the creators of 'Sherlock'. The only real special worth mentioning today is another new Mrs Brown's Boys - 10:30pm BBC1.

Last Day of Yule
And so the season draws to a close. The final Captain's Pick is Big Fat Quiz of the Decade - 9pm CH4, a look back at the last 10 years - best watched with a couple of beers.

So that's it for another year. I recommend you get your own TV guide and highlighter pen and pick out your unmissables for the festive season and if I've inspired anyone to catch some of my favourites then that's great too.


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