Monday, 24 February 2020


Recently I started exploring some different music, something that's taken a back seat in my life for a while now. I'm having a bit of a renaissance with folk metal and some other Nordic and Pagan rock.

To that end I've gone out and got tickets for the HRH Viking festival at the O2 Academy in my home town (in November this year). I'm looking forward to seeing Ensiferum, Burning Witches and Warkings as well as mixing with others that love the Norse ways (and maybe a couple of other Norse Pagans too).

Last week was Valentine's Day, Morticia and me stayed away from the whole swizz. But we did decide to have a date night the next day (Saturday) and head into Sheffield City Centre for fun and food. The only problem was Storm Dennis was due to hit us on that night too. We weren't going to let that get in our way.
We had food in Smoke Barbecue (which I've wanted to try for some time now) and a few drinks before catching the last bus home.

The last Sunday shift was yesterday, our management review decided last year that those in my role are not required to work on a Sunday (they stated there wasn't a demand despite evidence to the contrary), it's definitely not about money. Our new shift pattern starts this week, a shift pattern that keeps unsociable hours to a minimum in order to give us a pay cut. The new shifts are atrocious and I'm really not looking forward to working them. Anyway, our team had a bit of a 'wake' for the old way of working (the union paid for buns) and the end of an era where we as a team were valued by our bosses.

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