Thursday 12 March 2020

2003.12 OUTBREAK

It's worldwide news, everyone's talking about it. No, not 'Love Island' or whatever the current reality TV fad is, I'm of course talking about the outbreak of Coronavirus.

It's on every news bulletin, in every newspaper and all over social media. What has been the UK public response? To panic buy bog rolls!

The official guidelines from the NHS are to wash your hands regularly and if you show symptoms of flu (and currently if you've visited any affected country) then you must self isolate. The info is changing day by day and even hour by hour so I suspect that this advise maybe out of date by the time I get round to posting this. I'm no medical expert so please if you are worried seek out professional advice.

Still, in the climate of worldwide shutdown what would my advice be? Continue living - laugh daily and love your nearest and dearest. I'd say that any day though. Oh, and don't cough or sneeze on the elderly.

On a different but not entirely unrelated subject, the missus - my Morticia has been suffering with a flu-like illness for the last couple of weeks. We joke that it's Coronavirus but in the absence of testing then we can only conclude it's flu. She's not been anywhere near China or Italy (or any other affected country if there is such a thing) - just Wolverhampton. On top of her condition it's meant that she's really suffered. Thankfully she's on the mend and life in the homestead is slowly returning to normal.

So what I would like to say is stay safe, do what you feel you have to do to protect the vulnerable in your family and community. If you're lucky enough to be a fit and generally healthy person that is asked to self isolate then take it as an opportunity to enjoy a bit of 'you time', not everyone will be so lucky.

So I will light a fire and ask the gods to give us the strength to prevail, I might just cook some sausages while I'm at it. Good health my friends...

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