Saturday, 9 May 2020


Ok, the plan was to be in Wales for our birthdays. I'd booked the time off and was really looking forward to some quality time in our 'special place'. Of course that was not to be.

In the end I kept the leave from work and decided to take the holiday at home. My birthday came and went, Morticia's was the next day and passed without anything special. On Thursday we treated ourselves to a chippy tea (since Whitbys Fish & Chips have reopened this week) complete with social distanced queues. I've spent a bit of time tidying the garden but sadly my shed has yet to arrive (this week would have been the perfect opportunity to build my new cave).

I really miss my planned trip to New Quay and hope the crowds don't keep us away once the lockdown finally ends. Until that day comes I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

I've seen some people flaunting lockdown rules, especially teens and young adults who obviously feel invincible. Unclear messages and wishy washy regulations from the government facilitate this. Tomorrow more "guidance" will be revealed if our Prime Minister can be arsed to emerge from his fridge to address the nation. Some nations are scaling back restrictions, I'm not sure the UK is there yet - a second wave is likely if we aren't careful. 

I have to return to work on Monday, but I'll make the best of my break to try and give me the strength to get through all this.

Good luck to all and stay safe.

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