Saturday, 23 May 2020


Lockdown continues all be it slightly relaxed and it feels pretty heavy going for most of us.

It's worrying that there are many out there that are struggling with mental health. I know what it's like since I've been through it in the past and I know it sneaks up on you. We all need to keep in touch, even a text can make all the difference.

Lockdown is disintegrating if I'm honest, the government's advice has been less than clear since the recent relaxing of restrictions.

This has now been compounded by the government advisor (and Boris Johnson's puppeteer) Dominic Cummings and his illegal trip from London to Durham in April. The shit storm about this is raging and the government are backing him against public outrage.

Dominic Cummings
Government Twat

This all could spell the collapse of the lockdown as many say that if he can break the rules then so can they. My biggest fear is that this, coupled with more relaxing of the rules couple cause the dreaded 'second wave'.

For me the whole situation hasn't been all that different to normal life. I've gone to work throughout and come home pretty much as usual. Sometimes I watch others in lockdown who look like they're having the time of their lives. Baking, performing, learning new skills etc. - I hate them all making it look so easy. I haven't had a single video call, zoom meeting or online quiz - I'm too busy either working or doing other stuff (that conforms to current guidance).

On one hand I'm lucky - I'm not as affected as most but I do miss those loved ones I'm unable to see right now. Some people are in a worse position I know, if you are concerned about someone you know then please get in touch with them - a call, a text, a tweet - doesn't matter, just do it.

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