Friday, 7 August 2020


I've always considered myself lucky that at my age I still have a couple of grandparents left. Until this week...

Last week I went to visit my Nan (my mum's mum), she has dementia and has been deteriorating recently. She's reached the point where she needs more care full time.
She didn't really know who I was, she was under the impression I was interviewing her for a job. There were moments of clarity but she kept going away from me.

Later the same week my uncle managed to get her a try out at a care home, she needed to take a Covid 19 test first but she's there now and enjoying the company of others that she was lacking at her current home. Unfortunately the new home is keeping residents under a strict lockdown and visitors are only allowed to see residents through the window. She has since been accepted by the care home and is now a permanent resident.

I finally booked some leave and extended my weekend by a couple of days. I needed a break. Recently I've just been wishing the weeks away to get to my days off - and that's not good.

On Monday my other Nan (my dad's mum) passed away. I haven't seen here for quite some time because of... you know, family stuff. I've spent the last few days remembering my childhood and the school holidays when I went to her house so my parents could work. It hit me harder than I expected, considering I haven't gotten to see her for some time.

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