Wednesday, 8 July 2020


Did I say Tribbles? I meant Guinea Pigs.

The trouble with lockdown is apart from bed and work there's not much going on to write about. And I mean nothing.

Lockdown is starting to be phased out and if you believe the government life is slowly returning to normal. So has anything happened in my life?

We had a wedding anniversary in lockdown, it was the day before the pubs opened and unlike last year (last year we were in Wales to celebrate our 20th anniversary) we stayed in. We did have Chinese food from our favourite restaurant and watched a movie but that was it.

The big news is the welcoming to our family of 2 Guinea Pigs. Say hello to 'Lieutenant Worf' and 'Dark Lord Ambrose'. We've had to do a lot of re-jigging to fit them in but we are all happy to have them. Even Angel, the cat.

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