Tuesday 22 September 2020


So the second wave of Corona virus is apparently upon us and with it there is a raft of new restrictions. In the midst of all this I've planned a holiday.

To put this into context though the area I live in isn't under any restrictions or on the national watchlist. There has been some potential hiccups on the way with a number of people at work having to isolate because they had been in contact with someone who has since tested positive with Coronavirus. Just one of those develops symptoms or tests positive and I might have to self isolate (and that's the holiday done before we start). But at the point I start this that hasn't happened.

The night before we set off was an early night as we planned to set off at around 6ish in the morning - it's a long drive.
We actually go going at about 20 past 6, the journey was a little strange not having any children (of any age) in the car with us. This was our first proper holiday that was to be just the two of us.

After 3 stops we arrived in New Quay Wales around half 1 in the afternoon, I'd been feeling anxious for most of the trip - the whole experience had felt a bit surreal. But we were finally here.

The whole Covid thing has changed everything here, you can't just go for a drink like we always enjoyed. Some pubs need you to book, others only let you in if there's space. Then of course there's the whole mask wearing. The reason it feels different to the way things have been for us all the past few months is that in my head this place has always felt detached from the reality of normal life and this changes that.

Still, I'm not about to let this bring me down. We've enjoyed our happy place and even ventured out to Llangannog and Aberaeron. My stress levels have dropped and I'm definitely feeling more relaxed.

We took a trip on a boat (this normally happens)...

And not allowed the rain to dampen our spirits.

Our last couple of days are ahead and we intend to make the most of our time here.

Supplemental 2010.02;
Our last couple of days we were gifted great weather and had a socially distanced meet up with friends. We had a great break in our happy place.

Now we are back home and it feels like a different existence. It's like two different planes of being. Missing it so much already. 

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