Sunday 17 January 2021

2101.17 LOCKDOWN 3.0

I've been mulling over what to put in a new blog post, the first proper one of 2021. What do I say? So we are in lockdown again, number 3. Life is mundane, bed - work - TV - bed. This is life in lockdown. I work in the public sector, a keyworker ...probably.

So what do I write about?

Coronavirus? Well there's a vaccine now, actually about 3 or 4 of them but it's a long haul before I and most of the population get near it (unless my key worker status opens any doors - I'm not holding my breath).

World events? Well that's messy. What did annoy me was that prick in America (not him) who was in furs and had Norse tats on his torso. The way the media jumped all over that angle and tried to portray all pagans and in particular Norse pagans as right wing racist extremists was unfair and downright defamatory. I know Heathens Against Hate, The Pagan Federation, UK Heathen Kindreds, Asatru UK and the Police Pagan Association have all spoken out to condemn the acts of violence in Washington DC. In particular they slammed the misappropriation of our symbols. I wear those symbols, I am not about hate and personally call out those that try to corrupt these ancient symbols for their twisted agendas.

I could talk about work, but that's difficult since I'm only allowed to talk about it in a very general sense. Then it all gets very boring, we are going over to a new leave booking system - yawn! My 'supervisor' is shit at enforcing Covid rules in the office - no news there. Let's leave that.

What about the lockdown itself. Well if you look at the traffic levels you wouldn't think there was a lockdown. This time around there's more workplaces open (not everyone can work from home), I believe more are breaking lockdown rules, there's definitely an apathy out there which is scary since this new mutant version of Coronavirus is spreading wildly and is out of control. Stricter restrictions are coming (by which I mean more enforcement of existing measures) and this doesn't feel like it's going away soon.

I wasn't going to talk about the weather but on Thursday it snowed. I know that in some parts of the world this is normal stuff but in the UK this isn't an everyday thing and as such we tend to make a big deal about it. Lucky for me I was of work so I didn't have to make a tretcherous journey. It's all gone now apart from a few patches (and probably upon high ground), I suspect you'd never know the white stuff was here by tomorrow.

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