Thursday 28 January 2021


Once again I find that I am plodding through this lockdown with very little in the way of direction. Still things move forward and there have been some changes.

Because at the pandemic I have ended up with loads of excess leave to take at work. This is because it hasn't been worth taking leave this year. So I have to now 'use it or lose it'. I've booked a number of extended weekends over the last few months of the financial year. My first one I ended up using to decorate our bedroom. our bedroom has never been decorated in the (almost) 20 years we've lived here.

During this time Morticia had a fall, hurt her foot but wouldn't entertain going to A&E. She's a stubborn arse!

Storm Christoph came and went, loads of floods across the country, we were on alert have in South Yorkshire but escaped the worst. In fact it wasn't nearly as bad as predicted.

The big news is that the orange Bond-villian type has finally gone as Joe Biden is sworn in a President of America.

The world finally exhales.

This week my phone contract ended. My phone is still good, I don't need a new handset, the only thing I've wanted to be able to do was to doodle using was phone. I use a tablet to draw the stylus is pressure sensitive and very responsive but my phone doesn't have such a compatible device. I've tried the basic styli but they just don't cut it. I decided to try a rechargable capacitive stylus pen and it changed everything. Now I can doodle, write naturally and scribble down notes... I love it.
my actual keyboard

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