Friday, 16 April 2021


It's difficult to come up with a blog post in the middle of a pandemic. The only real news is Covid and my life is just bed and work.

I had my first of the two vaccines a couple of weeks ago. It made me ill for a couple of days but I made a full recovery. It's a big deal since it's probably our biggest opportunity to return to "normal".

Borders are on target to reopening with mean our planned holiday to Wales next month is looking good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

If you belive the media the whole country has been working from home and/or been furloughed for the past year. Some of us however have worked throughout this pandemic and this has been tough. It gets frustrating when it's assumed that we've all been communicating on Zoom after the Joe Wicks workout.

Of course there is the news about the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, I'm no royalist but of course any story that ends is sad but a long story is worthy of celebration rather than sadness.

In other news I got new glasses. I love it when I get new glasses, if done right you can change your look and if you really want to you can reinvent yourself.

My next "big thing" will be my milestone birthday. Eek!

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