Wednesday 5 May 2021

2105.05 FIVE-O

I think most people go through their lives thinking that the grand old age of fifty is just out of reach... Until it finally arrives.

Today is the day.

I'm not one for fuss. I never wanted a party, I don't really want gifts, what I want is to be with my family in my favourite place....
...and that is what I'm doing.

Friday night, the night before our trip begins and I'm starting to feel a little anxious. It's all getting a bit real. We're all packed, and we are (hopefully) prepared. I went to see mum and dad earlier since I won't see them on the day.

Saturday morning we got up early and travelled west to our special place.

Today I am fifty years old. I am with my Morticia and my daughters. The gods have been kind getting me to this point. Lockdowns and restrictions have been looming, there are still some rules but travel has been allowed.

My forties have at their worst been the lowest times of my life but at their best they've been brilliant. My life has changed beyond recognition but I have found myself and hope I am setup for the latter years of my life.

I'm going off to enjoy my day but I'll update my blog soon with how it all went. Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes.

The obligatory comic strip


It was a brilliant week. I was so happy to spend my birthday with my family in the place I love more than any other.
The caravan was amazing, it really blew our minds. It was huge (like a small house) with a dishwasher and washing machine as well as a hot tub. 
We couldn't go inside the pubs but luckily we had some decent weather (as well as some horrendous downpours including a couple of freak hailstone showers). This chap popped by to wish me a happy birthday, hopefully on behalf of the gods.

I'd like to thank my wife, my beloved Morticia, for making everything work and for making it so memorable. It wouldn't have been complete without my girls too. 
Even though not everything was open we were still heartbroken to leave. 

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