Wednesday 6 October 2021


I don't blog enough. I know this, I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment. Work is really been getting me down, the pandemic is still bubbling around as well as all the usual life worries we carry. To eleviate the stress I'd planned a trip with my beloved Morticia to our favourite place.

The path to pleasure was a rocky one. Just the week before our trip was due to commence the media started reporting on a driver shortage for fuel deliveries which could result in some forecourts having slight supply issues. All hell broke loose, panic buying ensued and the pumps soon ran dry.
This was the actual name of the BBC reporter

Well that was our trip in danger. How could we drive all the way to West Wales without fuel in the car. Train travel is expensive with a single ticket coming in at almost £90 each (for a single ticket), we were in trouble. All we could do is wait it out.

Things settled down (at least they did outside London and the South East) and we got fuel, our trip was on. I was relieved, I really needed this trip. 

The other hurdle was leaving our puppy, Magnus, behind. He was to stay with our youngest daughter for the week but a separation was going to be difficult, even more difficult than leaving the kids behind. 

Our day of departure was also our youngest daughter's 20th birthday. We'd discussed it before me made plans and she was fine, after all she was planning an evening of fun with her friends.
Rags ready for a birthday night out

Our journey west wasn't straight forward, the traffic was heavy (particularly between Tintwhistle and Manchester) and there were roadworks all over but we finally got to our destination albeit a little later than planned. 

So we are here, calm and relaxed. Enjoying a place that feels more like home than home. We only have a short time here on this occasion but we plan to savour every minute.

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