Saturday 1 January 2022


As I've said in the past I don't do resolutions. Instead I usually set myself 3 achievable tasks, I'm not about to change this year.

Last year we lost my Nan and our beloved Angel, our cat. We gained a puppy though as we welcomed Magus to our family. Oh and I got a tattoo, my 2nd (20 years apart). I turned 50, my dad turned 70 and I reached the milestone of being in my current job for 15 years.

The Family

One thing I've learned over recent years is that you have to be yourself, don't be the person you're expected to be. Channel your inner whatever and be you, even if 'you' is a hairy middle aged viking. Dress how you want and stick a finger up to those that look at you funny. 

So how did I do with last year's tasks?

1. Get out on that bike, see more and do more cycling!
This didn't happen unfortunatly. Doesn't mean I haven't ridden my bike, on the contrary, I've still ridden to work almost every day but I've lacked in the recreational riding department.

2. Enjoy your trip to Wales and soak in every experience.
Aced this one, I was lucky enough to spend my 50th birthday with my family in my special place. We also sneaked in an extra trip in the Autumn.

3. Develop and improve your cartoon strip and drawing skills.
This is something I've spent a lot of time on, I've been lucky enough to upgrade my drawing tablet last year (funded through birthday money). If you follow my work on the various platforms I publish on then I hope you've noticed an improvement. I've also re-branded the strip (which can be seen above). Northman is now the way forward.

So what about this year's? Keep them the same? Maybe I'll drop the Wales one since that's pretty much a given. Other than that I'm might just tweak the other 2.

1. Continue drawing and expand your artistic outlets.

2. Get out on that bike, see more and do more cycling! It's not just about commuting...

3. Get out more, be more social - the kids are all grown up, go out and have a few beers.

So with that I leave you for now, have a happy new year and remember, if invaders arrive from another planet this year it's probably going to be an improvement and I for one welcome our new alien overlords. 

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