Friday 27 May 2022


It's been a while. Morticia has gone away on a gig tour for 10 days with her best friend. That means it's been just me and the dog, and fleeting encounters with the youngest daughter.

This will be the longest time Morticia and I will have ever been separated in our life together. My life at home doesn't change much, I eat sleep and go to work, I walk the dog and watch a bit of TV. 

It's great at first, watching what I want on TV, eating junk and going to bed when I want (alright,  this means earlier than I normally would do - I'm at an age where an early night is a bonus). Then it start to gets lonely, I even started to miss the talking over the intense TV dramas and the nagging to get stuff done (only kidding sweetheart).

She's home this weekend, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder - and that's true although I suspect the dog will get all the attention when she arrives home.

I did get a bit of time to draw a bit more and I also refreshed my personal website and created a new page for my webcomic, "Northman". I'm happy with the cleaned up look and don't care if people think it's a bit nerdy having a website in the first place. Next year I will have had the site for 20 years.

The biggest change, as I previously mentioned, is my new page for my webcomic which is it's new permanent home. I will be populating older strips over the coming months but new stuff will be posted here first (the day before I publish on other sites like Instagram etc.). There is a strip this week that connects to this post. Here's a direct link to the page... 

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