Thursday 12 May 2022

2205.12 PLUS ONE

Last week it was my birthday, the day after its my wife, Morticia's birthday. As you may be able to tell, this story involves snooker.

My home town is Sheffield, even though these days I live in the neighbouring town I still gravitate towards the Steel City. Every spring World Snooker descends on to the city culminating in the Championship final on the May Day Bank Holiday. We, as fans of snooker (and especially Morticia), always enjoy basking in the atmosphere that the event brings. 

With Morticia's birthday being the day after mine we tend to celebrate together, after last year being wholly centred around me (with the big five oh) this year I wanted to do something together, and Morticia's dream has always been to see the snooker live in the Crucible Theatre. Unfortunately our budget negates attending the World Championship but there is a smaller event held directly after the main, the World Seniors. She booked tickets.

Then luck played a part in our plans, Morticia won tickets to the World Championship Final held on Sunday 30th April.

We enjoyed an extra unplanned day out, they were brilliant seats and it was an amazing experience.

But we still had our birthday plans. So we went to the Seniors tournament which was a treat because we got to see Stephen Henry play, he also happens to be Morticia's favourite ever player.

Afterwards we went for drinks followed by food at Smoke Barbeque before heading to our favourite local metal bar, The Bridge in Rotherham.

We haven't been so close to top level snooker players since Steve Davis sat next to us in Brewdog Sheffield during the Tramlines festival a few years ago.

We had a brilliant couple of days, a truly special birthday treat. 

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