Friday 19 August 2022

2208.19 LIFE IS LIKE...

Life at the moment feels like a juggling act, or as I've illustrated it in my drawing - and as anyone will tell you, men are no good at multi-tasking (because of course we like to do a job properly!). This is especially true at work at the moment.

This summer has been a scorcher, last month saw record temperatures hitting 40°C. The hot weather continues with droughts being called across the country. Maybe if we could find a way of storing all that flood water from the winter we wouldn't be in so much trouble. 

I was shocked to learn that there was a nasty fire in New Quay Wales last month. One of the favourite chip shops and a new restaurant were affected. I'm glad no one was hurt and hope the buinesses are able to come back from this. We are back there in September so we will be able to see for ourselves the effects on the area.

After a short time we have another change with our supervisors at work. Now I don't like to talk about work on here, there is a particular reason which I will be covering in my next post. At least none of the new supervisors are arseholes like we've had in the past.

I don't get out as much as I'd like, the punishing energy prices and the cost of living crisis make sure of that. I was glad, however, to get out and see some live music a couple of weeks ago. If you're curious the band is "Six Sins till Sunday", if you like metal check them out on Spotify.

I mentioned the cost of living crisis earlier, this is the major news at the moment. The country is rudderless and hurtling towards disaster with no real Prime Minister (Boris has buggered off on holiday) since no one will commit to addressing anything until the 'new' Prime Minister is chosen. Most of the country is shitting themselves at the impending energy price increases coming in October and all the government can do is try and distract the great unwashed with ridiculous stories about number plates for bicycles.

For me, the highlight of my day is the time I spend walking the dog. Magnus loves his walkies, it's a time to contemplate and relax my brain.

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