Monday 18 July 2022


The Prime Minister has finally quit after years of lies and basically taking the piss out of the British people. But I have to talk about night's out, birthday celebrations, bike racing and of course, the weather!

It's been quite a time recently, at least in the world of politics. Boris has resigned after practially all the goverment quit over more lies (this time about a sex pest employed by the P.M.). He might have quit but he'll be in post until September. Until then we have the Conservative Party choosing a new leader in a massive media circus. At the end of the day all the candidates are still tories, a dog shit is still a dog shit no matter how you package it.

We've celebrated a couple of things recently - Father's Day and Harley's birthday. For Father's Day we all want to the pub... The 'Dove and Rainbow' in Sheffield City Centre. I was with my Morticia and we were joined by our daughters who were with their blokes. I love going out to the pubs and bars, not every week but on occasion. Unfortunatly the cost of living crisis will probably see that avenue of pleasure off.

It's July and that means it's the Tour de France. I love cycling, doing and watching and the Tour is the greatest bike race on the planet.

As I write this the UK is going through the hottest days in it's history with temperatures today hitting 37°C and tomorrow looking to be even hotter. So many are trying to compare the current situation with the heatwave of 1976, I was 5 years old then and all I really remember about it was running around on the street in just my underpants I not sure I'd get away with that today!

I'll leave this post with the news that we've just booked our next holiday... to Wales of course!

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