Saturday 3 December 2022

2212.03 FREEZIN

This winter is going to be hard. Perhaps the hardest I've experienced since I was a child. Already it's cold but it's going to get colder. This post however is not about the weather.

The cost of living is biting so many of us. Yet everywhere I look people seem to be getting on with life as normal. I'm guessing that's partly the "social media effect" combined with the fact I tend to work with a lot of middle class people.

Our house is cold, bitter. Probably not as bad as my childhood (as I remember it) before central heating was commonplace but it feels bloody chilly. Eating out is a distant memory now, not eaten in a restaurant in a very long time now. Just going out for a drink is rare also, I'm gutted because I thought at this time of my life I'd be getting out much more than I do.

My shopping bill has gone through the roof, fuel has stablised for now but remains high and energy bills are eye watering (despite being subject to some government support). 

The forthcoming festivities need to be muted, that will be challenging - especially with Morticia's habit of getting carried away gift giving. Despite this I am looking forward to Yule, and I hope that we can prove it's not all about money. 

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