Sunday 1 January 2023


For some years now I've stated that resolutions are not for me. Instead I usually set myself 3 achievable tasks, this year is no different.

2022 was not a great year, full of uncertainty and worry. My hope for this year is that most of that will settle and we can get on with living. 

Before I go any further I'm going to recap on the Yule period. The lead up our household was ravaged by a nasty cold virus which affected us all. It did dampen the main day a little although we did put in a bit of effort to make it work. On the eve we visited our eldest daughter's flat for seasonal nibbles and gift giving.

On Christmas Day an old friend of mine passed away suddenly. Simon was an old mate from my bus driving days. We used to have such laughs, especially on the night staff bus when we'd get a few drinks and talk the driver into dropping us off last so we could enjoy the ride. He died on the other side of the world where he planned to make a new life with his wife and kids. The shock hit me like a train, we still chatted online and even though I'd not seen him for some years I felt the sting of loss by his passing.

There's one thing great about being older if you are lucky and that is you find yourself. Maybe a trauma or just a surety with age brings it out but when you do discover it I believe it's important to grab on with both hands and ride the shit out of it. I have never been as comfortable in my own skin as I have these past years. I know who I am and don't give a shit what anyone else says. 

So let's get down to those tasks I set for last year, how did I do?

1. Continue drawing and expand your artistic outlets.
My Northman cartoon strip is doing ok. Likes have stagnated on Insta but they've been pushing video lately so I guess that might have something to do with it. I launched a new webpage to showcase the strip, I've also continued my pyrography in a limited fashion.

2. Get out on that bike, see more and do more cycling! It's not just about commuting...
Although I've been getting those commuting miles in I've not been leisure riding at all this year. My covid lungs make it difficult. I'm calling this one a fail.

3. Get out more, be more social - the kids are all grown up, go out and have a few beers.
Mixed feelings on this one. Although I've gotten out the cost of living has prevented me for fulfilling this task to it's fullest. Could have definitely done better.

I'd better set myself the 3 goals for this year. Hmmm, where should I go here?

1. The old cycling chestnut, I want to do more recreational cycling. Hopefully in the summer I'll get out more if the old covid lungs let me.

2. Make time (budget allowing) to socialise and get out. Visit more places and do more things. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

3. Spend more time in quiet contemplation. Learn to take some time for yourself. Avoid wasting time.
If I survive the year we'll see how I get on.

So with that I leave you for now, have a happy new year. I still await invaders from another planet who, let's face it, couldn't do a worse job than the arsehole leaders we currently have.

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