Sunday 12 March 2023


It's taken some time to write up the last few weeks, I'll be going over that towards the end of this post. I've stated before that I want to be able to go out more and last month we managed to do just that (although it's left us a bit skint for the rest of the month).

We have one of the best real ale festivals in the region just over a mile away from where I live and I've never been. Usually my work has kept me away but this year I booked leave and tickets so Morticia and me could attend. It's held at Magna, a science and heritage attraction in Rotherham created within a former steel mill. It's also used as an event space (the building is huge) and the main part of the festival itself is held in the main hall which is the size of an aircraft hanger.

I love real ales even though I'm not a massive drinker. I got to sample some lovely ales for some of the best breweries in the region. Morticia on the other hand is not a beer drinker and was happy that they also served proseco for those that accompany us beer drinkers.

The festival also features live music and on the bill for the night we attended was the 'Everly Pregnant Brothers', a local parody band that rewrite classic songs to give them a local comedy slant. Classics like "My Chip Pan's On Fire" and "69 To Rotherham" will be familier to a local audience but probably lost on the wider world. If you are interested then search them out on YouTube.

Morticia and I were also nvited out to a birthday celebration with a friend of ours the following weekend. It was just drinks which was nice and simple. We started out in the local 'Spoons before leading over to a nearby biker bar, one we'd never been to before but was on our radar to visit. The bar is in a motorcycle garage and is new and still establishing itself. Choice of beer is a bit limited at the moment but I hope it does get better as the venue has a great vibe. We had at great time and I'll definatly be back.

The next day I was feeling a little off, and surprisingly not because of the previous night's activities. My chest was on fire, my limbs ached and my head started to hurt. This got worse to a point where I ended up having a week off sick from work. Now anyone that knows me knows that I practically never have time off sick. That's how poorly I've been.

I've since returned to work and I'm 90% back to normal. I managed to cycle in once before it snowed heavily. 

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