Monday 27 March 2023

2303.27 N PLUS ONE

Everyone who knows me knows I love cycling. Ok I'm not the fastest, not the strongest but I am a long time bike rider. So before I start let me explain the meaning of the title; 'N+1'. Most people in cycling know that the optimal number of bicycles a person should own is represented by the formula N+1 where N is the number of bikes you currently own.

Before the events I'm about to talk about my N number was 3 bikes with 1 off the road needing repair. My commuter bike is also requiring a small repair.

Now I'm a big supporter of the cycle to work scheme which enables an employee to buy a bike (supposedly for commuting) tax free and pay over 12 months. It's a brilliant idea and has been the way I've financed 3 bikes and countless accessories over many years.

The scheme runs twice a year at work and the latest scheme was announced last week. I wasn't thinking of a new bike before but I started considering the benefits of a new bike. Last year, due to a mechanical issue, I had to use my best bike to ride to work. It was summer and I really enjoyed riding something different. It was at that point I thought about fixing up my old road bike for a summer ride for this year. 

The decision was new bike or summer project. I know a summer project has a danger of not happening, a new bike is instant. So I made my decision.

New bike.

I didn't want something expensive, a bike that would be cheap to maintain yet still give me that summer bike buzz. So here it is...

It's a Boardman SLR 8.6 which is the entry level road offering to which I've added a rear rack to.

So why add a rack to a beautiful road bike? Because I don't like humping my kit on my back in a backpack, the straps rub on my old collarbone injury and they just make me sweaty.

It's maiden ride was today and the plan going forward will be that it'll share the commute burdon with my Merida Cyclo-cross bike (which is in need of a small repair) and be a summer/good weather ride.

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