Friday 21 April 2023


So we conclude our celebration of the victory of summer over winter and I look forward to enjoying a long and pleasant summer.

This started badly for me when the vessel I use for offerings started to fall apart. I've previously fixed a leak with it but unfortunately I think this time the deterioration was terminal. So my altar would be without an integral part. Fortunately I stumbled on the perfect replacement - a second hand ceramic goblet which I think would have been originally been from the Jorvik Viking Centre. The seller said it was from the 80s and it was only a few quid so I snapped it up and now has pride of place and a purpose.

I love the metal music scene, especially the live stuff and my local music venue hosted a festival of metal/goth/punk music last weekend which I've been looking forward too for weeks.

And so we went...

It was a brilliant night and I got to see Lesbian Bed Death, a band I've been following for a bit.

This weekend a new bar opened in Rotherham which is actually the third iteration of something that's a bit of a local institution... The SNAFU bar has reopened in yet another new location. It hasn't been the same since the original owners and it's original location. New owners attempted to make it bigger and 'better' but it fell flat. I've yet to go but initial reports are positive, we'll see. I'm hoping to pop in on my upcoming birthday weekend.

It comes at the same time as I'm working on my first 'big' illustration project for Morticia, I'm currently working on a drawing of the old SNAFU bar which she wants to frame and hang.

And I'll finish this up as I need to get to a TV and watch the series finale of Star Trek Picard, shhh no spoilers.

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