Sunday 23 July 2023


Every story has an ending. Everything ends. During our lifetimes we witness many endings, some good some not so, but we can't avoid them. 

Last week we waved goodbye to our settee. Now some may say that getting sentimental about an inanimate object is daft, usually these are the same people that give their cars silly names. This piece of furniture has seen so much, our children have grown up on it. We've laughed and cried on it. It's witnessed tragedy and elation - truly the best of times and the worst of times. When it arrived in our home I made a short blog post...

0210.14 BIG SEAT 

New settee has arrived and it's huge!! 

But after almost 21 years it's time to say goodbye. Its replacement isn't new but the seating position is better for Morticia's disability plus it has a couple of recliners built in. I wish I could afford new, especially at this point in my life but I'm thankful for the opportunity to have a place to sit at the end of a hard day.

I dismantled the old one but I've saved some of the wood and have plans to create something from it at some point.

In my line of work, I sometimes come across death. I can't really go into it in any detail but I'd be lying if I said it didn't affect me. Every event sits in my mind clearly and I feel for the sadness that it is the end of their story. Sometimes their story is a sad one and it might be for the best that their time is ended. I feel for every one of them.

Let's move from endings to anniversaries. In particular, our "pre-silver" wedding anniversary which was at the beginning of the month. We celebrated last Thursday by attending a charity comedy night at Sheffield City Hall. It was a night featuring some big names...

Join Children’s Hospital Charity Patrons Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont (stars of Meet the Richardsons) for a night of stand-up comedy on the 13th of July, raising money for the amazing Sheffield Children’s! Joining them on the evening will be Tom Davis (Murder In Successville and The Curse), Rosie Jones (8 Out Of 10 Cats, Comic Relief), Daliso Chaponda (Britain’s Got Talent, BBC Radio 4) and Seann Walsh (Mock The Week, Strictly Come Dancing, I’m A Celebrity), and recently added Sarah Millican. What a brilliant lineup to raise money for an amazing hospital, one of only three standalone children’s hospitals in the UK. Don’t miss their first annual comedy night at the Sheffield City Hall, raising money for The Children’s Hospital Charity that works to change children's lives!

And next week we are going to see Lucy Beaumont live at one of her work-in-progress shows.

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