Saturday 23 September 2023


It's been a while since I did a blog post,  So I'll attempt to go over a few of the thing that have happened recently, it's difficult because bugger all has really happened. 

There's been a lot of grief at work. None of which involved me directly but was in my orbit so the energies in the workplace haven't been great. The dust is settling and things are beginning to return to normal.

So as I start to write this it's a week before my holiday. In the morning I'm back at work for 4 day shifts. Last week I had a small issue with my bike which kept me off 2 wheels for a couple of days, in the morning I'll be back on my iron horse.

We got our 7% government agreed pay rise in this month's wages. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing.

Cycling to work can sometimes be challenging, especially the long climb from the Don Valley up to us workplace. Today (2309.20) it was even more of a challenge with the arse end of hurricane "Mike" battering down whilst I peddled in.

This is a load of bull. Nine years ago I was looking out of the window at work when I saw something unusual, a bovine interloper strutting up the road. Now in rural settings you might see this sort of thing but around these parts it's rare. I snapped a picture on my work issue BlackBerry and posted it on work's social media (something I still look after to this day). It went viral - the only post I've ever had do so. So you can imagine my surprise when 'Sheffield Online' posted a news story saying a cow had been seen in the exact same place. The attached photo was identical to mine (because it was mine). Later they admitted the story was old and it was a mistake to post. You'd have thought they'd have have pulled the post but it remains.

The weird thing is the next day another cow was spotted on the other side of town. Bizzare!

Today is the Autumn equinox or Haustblot which means that summer is over which is a shame since we go on holiday in a couple of days, still I hope we get better weather than last year's. I'm hoping to do a little ritual in the evening (if not I'll do something in the morning) to mark the arrival of the beginning of the end of the year.

I'll finish by sharing this picture of my eldest which she sent me in response to the message "are you alive", I loved it. 

It's also my 21st bloggerversary today.

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