Monday 1 January 2024


Another year in the bag. It's time to look at my 3 targets I set for myself and to look at the year ahead. Before we look of that let's look at my Yule experience.

So this year's celebration passed without incident which was welcome. We spent time with our children and of course Magnus, our Yorkshire Terrier. There was frivolity and emotion with feasting abound. I returned to work for a couple of days (it seems the same people get the whole period off whilst some of us always work) which kind of split the season into two parts.

Let's look at last year's goals;

1. The old cycling chestnut, I want to do more recreational cycling. Hopefully in the summer I'll get out more if the old covid lungs let me.
Absolute fail, although I've continued to cycle to work most days I've not gotten out recreationally. I've been dogged by injury and health issues (those dodgy lungs again).

2. Make time (budget allowing) to socialise and get out. Visit more places and do more things. Enjoy your time with family and friends.
A visit to York and some great nights out happened this year but could be better? Absolutly. Increasing costs limit what I can do but that doesn't mean I don't want more. Success? OK. But could do better.

3. Spend more time in quiet contemplation. Learn to take some time for yourself. Avoid wasting time.
My spiritual journey continues and I do find quiet time for contemplation although I'm not done yet. And this Yule I even aquired some runes. Pass.

So, next year's goals... Probably similar again, maybe expanding on them. Here goes -

1. Let's get cycling recreationally again,  if that means getting help for my health issues then so be it. 

2. Reboot the blog. It needs better content, I'm happy that the design is OK (I redid that recently) but the content sucks - sorry about that. 

3. Give 30 minutes a week to quiet contemplation, maybe learning about runes or re-reading the Eddas. 

2024 promises to be a big year for our family. There's a lot coming up which I'll hopefully share with you here.

So that leaves me just to wish you all a happy 2024 and let's hope our ruling elite don't destroy the planet or sell it before we get through to the end.

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