Saturday, 11 April 2009


This week it's been my daughters' dance show, which is always a tough week for all involved. It usually involves sitting in a large hall behind the main theatre and getting my youngest daughter in the correct costume at the correct time. Add to this all the other screaming kids, it makes for a stressful time. This year, I have to say hasn't been too bad, although very tiring when you add on a morning shift at work.

(I have drawn the obligatory cartoon but with time being tight and not being at home I haven't had time - at the point of posting - to process it thro Photoshop)

On Thursday night, the final night of the show we also planned to head down to visit Morticia's mother who lives about 120 miles away. It was 23:15 when we set off, I drove about 40 miles before I felt the warm hand of fatigue on my shoulder. Luckily, Morticia is pracically nocturnal (being queen of the dead and all) so she did the rest of the journey as I slept in the passenger seat.


mitchell brown said...

nice illustration, really works well everything well placed and works compositionally, I'm tell you your in the wrong career!! have a great easter!


The Captain said...

Thanks, it's lovely to receive praise for something that I enjoy doing.

Belive me, if I could make money to keep me by doodling for a living I'd take it. Till then I'll have to continue with the day job.

James (UK) said...

Have to agree, and I also regard your artwork skills very highly.

I heard a good comment that fits nicely with your post recently; someone said "why is it when we lay on a nice comfy bed, clean sheets, cool and comfortable, we end up tossing and turning, unable to sleep, and yet as soon as we get in a noisy car, and try and drive a stressful journey, navigating roundabouts and junctions etc. we start to fall asleep almost instantly?!

How true!

Have a nice Easter. What eggs did you buy the kids?

The Captain said...

That's so true, and thank's for the praise. My head is now twice it's normal size.

Harleyy' said...

we got a wii fit board and the game :D lol i'm his oldest!!! the one thats in love with zac efron and high school musical lol xxx