Saturday, 18 April 2009


My eldest daughter will soon reach the age of 13 and is already exhibiting the usual teenage characteristics. She's bad tempered frequently, unreliable and has a bedroom that I wouldn't house a wild animal in. Does anyone have any survival tips on how I'm supposed to get through the next 7 years?

Now I understand why some animals eat their young.

When I initially posted this, it was intended as a tongue in cheek post, I offended my eldest who got upset thinking I was 'having a go' at her publicly. I think most people reading this realise but just to make it clear. I'm having a laugh at the teenage condition and is certainly not meant to reflect any true feelings.


James (UK) said...

Laughed at that last line. ;-)

Just listen to her. And tell her that you'll always be prepared to do that.

The Famulus said...

Boarding school?

Much better that they think that you understand their problem than you brow beat them. Talk calmly, don't repeat questions just because you didn't like to tone of the answer and after you've spoken with them go and beat the crap out of a punch bag with a big stick.

Drugs help too.

James (UK) said...

Famulus has given me another idea there; the bit about a punch bag; you could see about taking up a hobby together, like Karate / Boxing etc. Something that you can both do, and that she can work out some of that agression doing.

The Famulus said...

Excellent idea James. Do it!

The Captain said...

I thinking that giving her a legitimate excuse to beat the shit out of me with all those teenage hormones rushing around inside her is just asking for trouble.

I like the big stick idea though. :)

James (UK) said...

Well, OK then.. how about stamp collecting? That's safer.

Seriously though, "car booting" would get you both out the house once a week, and give you time to talk in a non-"face to face"-type environment. Be a good chance for her to look for "High School Musical" knick-knacks or those Kung-Fu Turtles... I'm out of touch with what's popular among the "hoof" these days!