Sunday, 26 April 2009


My life just doesn't get any duller than it is at the moment. All bed and work with very little else. Time and money seem to be holding me back from living.

I was actually excited at the prospect of doing my supermarket shop online. The monthly shop had become more and more difficult. We just couldn't take the kids along anymore, it became too difficult lugging them along so it ended up easier not doing the full shop and we just ended up just popping to the shops as we needed. The costs were astronomical, fuel and the extra items we ended up buying all mounted up.

I was pleasantly surprised at the service (I guess I was worried about the whole process about someone else doing my shopping). It meant that there is food in the cupboards and we've saved quite a substantial amount of money.


James (UK) said...

Interesting to hear another "thumbs up" for online shopping. Thanks.

Know what you mean about dragging the kids around. Although I've none myself, when I got ill, it was exactly the shopping "expeditions" each week that seemed to bring on so much stress.

Seems such an easy thing, but when you get in there, the heart would go, the breathing would increase, and I just wanted to run out of there.

Ever used the "self-scan" tills? There's loads of dialogue from Al and myself about it on my blog and his old one (, all over the place.

The Captain said...

I do like the self scan tills, I still visit the store for bits and bobs but I think the delivery option is well worth it price of the delivery charge.