Wednesday 26 August 2009


One of the first things a gadget minded type like me notices when you come to a place like Wales, particularly the quieter areas like this one is the poor mobile phone signal = lack of mobile internet access. The good news is that some of the pubs (including the one adjoining) has WiFi.

Part of me does yearn for my childhood when you went on holiday to the coast and had no contact with family or friends, in fact the post card home was the only way anyone knew that you'd arrived safely. I've never quite managed to have the nerve to leave the phone back home.

Weather has been good to us with only a bit of rain. Breakfast is included with the cottage and is an excuse to get us up in the morning. The cottage is located to the side/rear of the Penwig and has a sea view out of the windows at the end of my bed.

We had a day out to Cardigan Coastal Farm in Gwbert, it was a windy day and quite nasty down by the cliff edge.

I ventured in to the Seahorse Inn a couple of times in a break with tradition (we have always tended to stick to what we know). I'm glad I did, I discovered a 'proper' pub untouched by corporate hands. Friendly and some great real ales.

Wild dolphins are one of the attractions of the area, this year I think we spotted more than in all the years we've been visiting the bay. Not a day passed without seeing these wonderful creatures.

I don't follow cricket but following the English team's win in the Ashes I loved the Welsh attidude, they all were celebrating -the way it should be. The landlord of the Penwig is a wonderful bloke, really friendly, the girls thought the world of him. On Saturday night he gave me a gift. After telling him how much I loved Welsh beers and how much I'd miss them when I left he went off and brought me a party keg of Brains SA (about 9 pints!).

It was a long sad journey home, really love it in Wales. We've already booked for next year.

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The Famulus said...

Glad you had a good time, but think that you should do more to learn the lingo. That said, don't *ever* speak it near me. It is one of the few accents that I *hate*.