Tuesday 1 June 2010


My blogging has been a little all over the place recently. Perhaps this is because I am at a particularly low point in my life. I feel so much despair, I really don't know how much more shit I can take.

The question I am asking myself is should I carry on blogging? It's pretty evident that I have no readers, comments practically never happen and I feel like I am shouting into the abyss. The reason (apart from my writings) is probably down to social networks. I love Twitter (Facebook is a bit plebby for my liking these days) and the instant reaction dynamic but it's gone so quick. Blogs last potentially forever (especially if they are achieved correctly) and are more detailed, thought out and sometimes (maybe not in my case) more entertaining.

So are blogs dead? Maybe not quite, but is mine?


Anonymous said...

One reader, raising hand!

I'd like to ask about the source/cause of the despair, but since you're not volunteering much, kinda feel like I'm prying.

So all I know what to do is say "keep posting, keep tweeting, and know people really are out there"


Matt Cheetham said...

I'm out here!! I'm subscribed in google reader which I read on my phone songs not so easy to comment.

Keep blogging because I do enjoy a good read on the things you blog. I'm here, albeit silently!

Hope you feel better soon!

Matt Cheetham said...

Songs? *so it's

The Captain said...

Wow! I really thought I was talking to myself here. It gives me such a boost to know that you guys are reading the drivel I chuck out.

Thanks :)

TmojoL said...

I used to think that Social Networking was not very social at all but a lonely and rather a solitary business. You post your comments expectantly waiting for someone to reply to the witty comment or to agree with your point of view, hell even to disagree would be better than nothing.
For me Social Networking was a bit like searching for Extra-Terrestrials. I would send signals out into the vastness of the universe, hoping that you may make contact with some alien life form but you know deep down that the chances of you getting a reply are slim. Eventually I became disillusioned with it and decided that I would jack it all in as a mad capped and crazy idea; then came the revelation.
Social Networking is a bit like having an army of Guardian Angels surrounding you. Every minute of the day they are watching your every move. You can’t see them but they are there, they listen to your inner most thoughts via your tweets, facebook postings and your blogs. They share your highest moments and your darkest times. Your Social Networking friends will not judge or condemn you and when you need them they will be there to offer advice and a guiding hand. You don’t believe me just look at your responses.
Keep tweeting, keep facebooking, keep buzzing, keep Four Squaring, KEEP BLOGGING. Don’t look for the comments or expect a reply just know that there are people out there who read and may I say get inspired by what you post; and remember it’s cheaper than paying for a shrink!