Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1006.16 MOVING UP

Moving OutThe last to days we have been moving office at work. We have gone from a building in the City Centre to a small  building in the local community we serve. When I say "we have been moving" I use the phrase loosely as I have had very little to do with the logistics of the operation. In fact the whole team have been moving everything except me and one other. This means that my stuff is up at the new place in crates waiting to be unpacked. Everyone else is sorted. I feel aggrieved about being one of the only two left to pick up all the work whilst everyone else go to get stuck in with the task of getting the new place operational. I did manage to move my personal stuff up but only in between jobs.

It's a good job the 'powers that be' don't do brewery trips. In my opinion the whole operation has been badly organised.

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