Thursday 2 December 2010

1012.02 SNOWED IN

On Tuesday the snow really moved in on us and the next day it was our turn to be on the news. My overtime was cancelled that day as we all decided it would be best to attempt to get home. Because of the weather I'm using public transport and so I went out into the blizzard to assess my options. I ended up catching a bus travelling down Prince of Wales Road which, considering it's a main dual carriageway, was an 'ice rink'. The bus managed to get me to the Arena in Attercliffe but from there I had to walk the rest of the way home since all the other buses had been taken off.

Yesterday was more of the same with a covering of about a foot of snow and main roads inaccessable to most traffic. All public transport (except trams) were cancelled. I was told by my supervisor to make my way to a more local office to work for the day. Two others from our team did the same.

Today I decided I was getting into work whatever. Luckily most main roads were accessable and buses were being run along them.

More snow is forecast as everyone struggles to get around. At this point there is an average of 2 feet covering in most places. My road at home is completely cut off (vehicularly speaking) and I've very little chance of getting my car out.

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