Tuesday, 7 December 2010


This week I have been late for work everyday because of major fail in public transport.

The heavy covering of snow has been followed up with record low temperatures, some places getting as low as -20 C. All main roads and the majority of side roads have been gritted so buses are running pretty much a full service.

Buses running late or missing are not a way of encouraging the public to adopt mass transit for their commute, what's the point if you can rely on it to get you into work. I'm lucky since my supervisors are understanding about my predicament. I would use the car but it's a real pain to get it off our road since it never get's gritted (I live on a cul-de-sac) and the couple of times I've ventured out with the car I've needed assistance from neighbours.

With the winter weather set to continue for the rest of the year at least I forsee more logistical misery. I for one can't wait for the big thaw so I can get back on my bike*.

*Some may ask why I'm not cycling, after all there are plenty out there who are. Well that's their choice, I've assessed the risk and decided that I don't want to put myself in unnessesary danger, after all it only takes one patch of ice!

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