Saturday 22 August 2015


23:10 (1508.21) - I had planned for everything to be packed up and ready for tea time today. That went out of the window hours ago. Thankfully everything is (hopefully) ready and we are relaxing before heading to bed.

06:15 - It looks like we will be setting off shortly, bang on schedule. The car is already loaded and soon we will be on our way.

08:05 - I've been driving for a couple of hours now, pretty uneventful. We got over Woodhead pass and through Manchester without delay or incident. I'm currently parked outside the main doors of Chester services, this is our regular comfort stop off when heading to Wales.

09:45 - We crossed over the Welsh border not long after we left Chester, we all always get excited when we see this bridge...
Photo taken from Google Streetview
Our first stop in Wales was at the side of Lake Bala. We had a picnic in the car whilst the rain fell outside.

10:54 - Our final stretch legs / comfort stop was in the beautiful little town of Machynlleth which became famous recently for the wrong reasons. This was in our thoughts during our visit.

Our drive took us through Aberystwyth, Aberaeron and finally we arrived. Driving on the approach road felt strange. We have had a deep love of our destination for many years, missing the last two had an effect on us all. Passed the holiday park and the road narrows, the familiar houses then the Seahorse Inn (a favourite of mine) where we turn down the hill to the sea. We've arrived, its 12:30 and we are here at our spiritual home.

Welcome to Cei Newydd.

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Eileen H said...

I hope the arrival was the start of a lovely, relaxing break for you.

chocolat lover said...

I hope you had a great relaxing time ;o)

The Captain said...

The next post is in draft and I'll tell you about my wonderful holiday.