Friday 25 December 2015


We started the year with a funeral for Uncle Mick, I was also just recovering from my second cycling accident. It was a low place to start, we hadn't had a holiday in years, I was getting physio for my injury and my self confidence was on the floor.

The good news was that I had a new bike (which I was yet to ride) and the best news was that our eldest had come back home. Our family was complete again.

Snow came and went in February and I started riding my bike again.

A free trial on gave me the opportunity to continue the feeble start I'd already made to my family tree. This time I made some real strides. The breakthrough was finding a long lost cousin who had already done plenty of work. I found the story of my direct ancestor who had changed his surname, this opened up the story. I traced back my family to the Norman conquest and a poor Knight who came over with William the Conqueror. Further still I traced the family line back to Norway then Sweden. The furthest concrete record I found was for a king of Sweden and the last of the Yngling dynasty. After that it was all in the history books and subject of myth and legend. If it's true then I am a direct decendant of Odin. I'll take that.

After months of indecision and pondering I decided to join a cycling club. It was time to add a social layer to my hobby. I joined with a group who met up on Sunday mornings about 8km away. They're a great bunch, I've ridden some great rides this year including a 100 miler to York. I also rode my first sportive in August conquering Holme Moss. All in all a great year of cycling.

There was a general election this year where we hoped that the horrendous coalition government would be over. Well it was. But not in the way I hoped. The conservatives won with a slight majority. We are in for a hard 5 years of cuts and austerity. This was reflected at work where in August our jobs were declared "at risk". This remained the case until last week when the status was removed as many have chosen to leave recently.

Terrorist attacks over the world, especially in Paris changed the world all over again.

The derelict pub that in its day caused us loads of headaches was finally demolished. We now have a lovely view of Don Valley.

After the great news last year of our eldest daughter's return and reunion things seemed to be going well throughout the year. That is until late summer when unexpectedly she walked out cutting off all ties. This was the case until a few days ago when she visited. Things are still in the early stages but I'm hoping we can develop a relationship over the coming months.

The summer saw us on holiday for the first time in 3 years. We visited our favourite Welsh place, this time staying in a beautiful cottage across from the beach. We've booked again for next year.
Rags went on a school trip in October so Morticia and I took the opportunity to have a short break in Scarborough. It was our first holiday together since our honeymoon.

It's been a hard year. At its worst it was horrendous and difficult which of course tainted all of the good. I have to say though the year is on course to end on a high point, but that is the subject of another post.


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