Saturday, 2 April 2016


The plan was to get out today (since I have an extra couple of days off). Morticia hasn't been well all week so the Easter holidays have been a bit rubbish for Rags.

Last night was a late one because (a) I was on a late afternoon shift, and (b) there was a power cut at 12:50am this morning which caused our alarm to beep constantly (and a neighbours one to go off).

The weather forecast was good but upon opening the curtains this morning wasn't so good. It was raining. On the weather forecast this morning it appears that a band of rain was sitting further south than anticipated. So we decided to wait a little longer before venturing out.

Around 1pm we set off deciding to head to Castleton. We're lucky that we have the Peak Park on our doorstep.

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Castleton is a beautiful place tucked away in the Hope Valley overlooked by Perrivel Castle. The hills are home to some interesting caverns like the Devil's Arse and Speedwell. We had a little wander before having some food in the 'Old Cheshire Cheese Inn'. 

Afterwards we drove over to Bakewell and had a couple of drinks in the Red Lion. When we left the pub it was dark so we decided to have a walk through the church yard before heading home. Rags befriended a local cat whilst admiring the church building (we are all fans of gothic architecture). 

We drove home through the darkness whilst Rags stared at the stars through the car's glass roof. 


Eileen said...

It looks lovely there (I have been to Bakewell before). I love the name Devil's Arse :) I hope the trip out was just the tonic for your wife and daughter.

chocolat lover said...

Sounds like a lovely day out ;o)

Did you get a bakewell pudding while you were there?

The Captain said...

It was a great day.

The Captain said...

We've done the Bakewell pudding before. It's great that it's so close to us.