Friday 15 April 2016

1604.14 MY POOR GIRL

As I've previously mentioned, last week I was ill. At the same time so was Morticia, she suffers from a chronic condition which means that any bug that the rest of us may contact effects her probably tenfold. So, although she does try to look after me when I'm struck down, this ends up making her worse.

Maybe that's the cause of her relapse this week, I don't know. All I know it's that I've watched her suffer and I've been helpless except for just trying to make her comfortable. Doctors so far have been pointless, they fob her off every time.

She's on the mend slowly, not that when she's better things will be great, she still has her condition to live with.


Eileen H said...

I hope your wife is on the mend soon, up and about as best she can. Life is tough living with a chronic condition.

You and I have such a lot in common it seems. My daughter is a sufferer and although she is married, her husband cares for her as well as holding down a full time job. I don't blog about it as it's not my place to and I keep in regular contact via Facetime. I worry as I'm sure you do too.

Take care, I'm sure you are Morticia's rock.

The Captain said...

Thank you, she is on the mend. Today she is out of bed and resting downstairs.

chocolat lover said...

when I was younger any cold I would get would go straight to my chest as that is my "weak" area...

...since losing some weight a few years ago that problem went.

Im glad that Morticia is now on the mend :)

Mark said...

I'm sorry to hear that she got sick herself, and that it's so much worse for her. But she must really love and care about you to put herself through that.