Tuesday, 8 November 2016


I've never really followed American politics, not really my business. Sure I noticed it but only as part as a general interest in world news. Then the media began to follow the billionaire and reality tv star, Donald Trump as he attempted to gain nomination to run for the next President.

Did you know that in the UK trump is another word for fart that is primarily used by children.

At first it was funny, akin to our own bumbling idiot, Boris Johnson. Then he got nominated and the hate began to spew from his orange gob. The more he spoke the more I was puzzled as to why people followed him. I see him blaming other groups of people for the problems of the world. It's very much like sitting next to the fucktard on the bus who sits there blaming all their issues on "bloody immigrants" without backing it up with any decent facts.

I'm not too sure about Hillary Clinton either but I do know that 1) she's very similar to the lady president in '24', and 2) she is so much better than the alternative.
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You could say it's none of my business but having said that you can't deny that America is so big any major political decisions have worldwide repercussions. So in a way it is my business, it's everyone's business. I just hope that the American people do the right thing and realise that hate is not the way forward.

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