Tuesday, 29 November 2016


It's something I see a lot. Too much. When I visit one of my local supermarkets I inevitably see someone shopping in either pyjamas or a onesie. It's not someone popping out in a desperate rush for emergency supplies, most of the time it's people doing a shop. How hard is it to throw a few clothes on?

Last week I called into my local Tesco Express for some milk. Whilst in there I saw a chap in pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers shopping with a basket browsing the shelves. Why!? Just get dressed!

It really annoys me and it's not confined to shops either. I've passed primary schools where mothers have taken their kids to school in their jim jams. Come on!

There are times and places for certain types of clothing. You don't wear your winter coat to bed, you don't wear swimwear at a court appearance. So why do certain people think it's ok to wear house/nightwear to the shops? Please just stop!

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