Wednesday, 9 November 2016

1611.09 TRUMPED

So the polls closed and the results started rolling in. I awoke this morning expecting to find out the winner of the election. I had work so staying up all night was never going to be an option (not that I would have chosen to). Instead of BBC Breakfast reporting the results the election coverage was still running. 
The BBC US Election Coverage Team
The result wasn't in but it wasn't looking good. Trump was leading and only a few results were expected. By the time I got to work my BBC news app had confirmed the news that Donald Trump was to be the next American president . The world is in shock. 

You have to ask what happened to the polls? That's the 3rd time they got it disastrously wrong. They missed the general election result by a mile, they failed to call Brexit and now this. 

As the United States and indeed the world digests this I'll leave you with this tweet from a guy who I think won the internet today...

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