Tuesday 6 June 2017

1706.06 ARRRR JIM LAD!

Thar be pirates everywhere! I be nah natterin' about colourful characters wit' parrots on thar shoulders. I be nah even natterin' about those real life scary Somalian pirates.

No, I be natterin' about movie pirates.

I love movies and quality television. I'm no film snob watching black and white foreign language dramas (although I wouldn't rule it out), I like to be entertained pure and simple.

What really annoys me is the rise in people happily using a chipped box or a bit of dodging software to access movies and TV for free. Because it isn't free, it's stolen. If you do this you are stealing. Just because you can't see your victim doesn't mean there isn't one, there are many of us paying for content and because a large number don't we pay more, we are the victims.

Back in the nineties you wouldn't have dreamed of slipping a VHS tape under your jacket in Woolworths would you? But you say "I'm only streaming it once" but I'm sure no one would have considered borrowing without paying from your local video library back in the day.

Just because entertainment doesn't always arrive on a tangible media these days doesn't mean it's ok to steal it. It really winds me up when people talk about it openly as if it's perfectly acceptable. |You are shoplifting, you are a thief. Just stop it! I don't have a lot of money but I'm happy to pay. Netflix isn't all that expensive, Amazon Prime won't break the bank, if you love movies then a cinema pass is great value.

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