Sunday 25 June 2017


Once again I find myself looking back at events from 10 years ago. This time it's a natural disaster that fell on my home city of Sheffield. After unprecedented rainfall the rivers in the area burst their banks and became the area's most deviating event since the Second World War.

As I mentioned to in my previous post, Morticia was in hospital and I was home with the kids... 
Because of the flooding I have been prevented from seeing Mortica [at the hospital]. I've also been prevented from collecting Harley from her friend's so she's having to sleep over. I guess though I am one of the lucky ones, I live on the side of the valley so my house will always be flood free (If my house floods then Sheffield would become the City of Atlantis). -Blog post 0706.25

Inside Meadowhall
Shopping Centre

This was in fact almost the case as even Meadowhall shopping centre filled with water which caused to to close for 2 weeks (the longest it has ever closed for). The streets became like rivers and people had to be rescued from homes and places of work. Some were airlifted to safety by rescue helicopters.

Everyone has their own flood story to tell. I was stuck at home with Rags watching the news unfold and witnessing the 3 Sea King helicopters buzzing over my house. 

The next day we all had to assess the damage. I was lucky. 
I'm waking up to South Yorkshire being a disaster area. Hundreds of people never made it home, temporary shelters have been set up all over (including the Arena). Two people are dead. The M1 is closed as are many of the region's roads, Meadowhall shopping centre is closed and homes in the south of the borough have been evacuated amid fears of Ulley Dam bursting . At least it's stopped raining! - Blog post 0706.26 

The effects of this event are still felt today as work continues 10 years on to sure up the flood defences and to keep the rivers and waterways clear of debris. Today it's worth remembering those that lost their lives, those that lost their homes and also praise those in the emergency services and military that rescued many and those tasked with cleaning up the mess afterwards. 

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