Sunday, 3 September 2017

1709.03 THE PURGE

Seven years ago I negotiated a new Sky+HD box after my original Sky box started to fail (actually it turned out to be the dish at fault). In fact I wrote a blog post about it at the time. Well I am now in a similar position with my current 7 year old box having intermittent trouble recognising the viewing card.

Now as a 20 year veteran customer I am now afforded a little loyalty scheme just launched which means that I can have free installation of an upgrade to the latest box*

What this means is that we have to empty the hard disk of all the recordings because there is no way of transferring them to the new box. That means we've been watching quite a bit of TV that's been stockpiled over the last few months.

The old box has served me well, it was a revelation when I got it but it's limitations have become apparent over the last couple of years and it no longer holds it's own in a world of  Netflix and multi-screen viewing.

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