Sunday 24 September 2017


It's been a long 12 years since any new Star Trek was on our TV screens. The time is almost upon us, the long wait is almost over...
Star Trek Discovery will be streamed today in the US and tomorrow for the rest of the world. It has been a long time coming, I remember blogging my excitement some time ago now. There was time when it looked like it was all falling apart as changes in management and delays look like the whole project was going to derail. Then slowly but surely it seemed to come together. Casting was announced and sets were constructed, finally a trailer was released. It was really happening.

It's not all been plain sailing with some fan backlash over various aspects. The main bugbear seems to be that in the US the show will be streamed on the CBS network's new premium service (thus costing fans money). As I'm in what's been labeled as 'the rest of the world' then we get to watch on Netflix.

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So the premiere is due to be available in the US from 1:30am tomorrow my time and will (apparently) be available in the UK from 8:00am. So I'll be ready, it's my day off work. I'll have Doritos and a big mug of tea and the TV to myself.

I'm ready to beam up!

Supplemental 10:58;

So I've watched episodes 1 and 2. Well after 12 years it's good that Star Trek is back on the small screen. Television has changed so much in the intervening years so naturally the show would need to have had evolved to be relevant in this modern world. Evolve it has, it's different. But is it still Trek? Yes I'd say so. Did I enjoy it? Yes I did. Gone is the episodic nature and (like Deep Space Nine) a story arc is way forward. If you can get past the new look Klingons (and I'm sure there will be some way of explaining it away) then you'll be fine. The finish is definitely cinematic in quality and it has an epic feel. The story already has me gripped and I can't wait for the next installment. 

There's going to be the obligitory haters, there were loads when The Next Generation first came along. But as I always say, haters gonna hate! 

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