Monday 25 December 2017


At the time I publish this (and if you're in the UK) you're probably sat down to your Christmas Dinner (I'm northern, dinner is at lunchtime - subject for another time) or sat in front of the TV watching the Queen give her address to the commonwealth. There's a chance you've decided to read this in which case I'm honoured, if you're catching up later on then that's fine too. Ok it's time for me to take the time to reflect on the year behind me.

Can you believe I first created my website and started blogging back in 2002? That's 15 years of blogging, 15 years I've been getting free therapy! This year I started cartooning proper again and I have to say I'm loving it. I know I'm never going to get  rich from it but it's a lot of fun.

So let's look at my year...

What I’m Remembering…

My summer holiday of course is usually my highlight and this year is no exception. I love my time in Wales, words can't describe my feeling for the place.

I cycled the Tour de Yorkshire sportive back in May, it was easily the greatest cycling experience of my life. I will never forget that finish line until the day I die. It reduced so many to tears that day.

This year, however, was a landmark year for my children. Both had milestone birthdays - eldest was 21 and the youngest was 16. I was honoured to be part of their celebrations, I'm a proud father.

What I’m Happy About…

I'm happy that things have improved at work and things are more secure.

My family has come together in a way that I can enjoy. It's something I can now take great comfort in.

What I’m Worried About…

My youngest has her GCSEs this coming year and it's going to be a hard time for her.

I'm concerned for the state of the country and how our current government seem set on dismantling everything. The public sector has been under attack for several years now. I also haven't had a real pay rise in all that time.

What I’m Annoyed About…

Brexit is really pissing me off. It gets more obvious everyday that we are making a massive mistake but there is a core of people that insist it's still a good idea.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Year…

What I’m Dreading…

My daughter's exams. It's going to be a difficult time for her and I don't like to see her suffer.

What I’m Loving...

Star Trek Discovery. Star Trek made a comeback this year onto the small screen,  via Netflix in the UK. Despite some initial noises from the unsatisfied on social media it has been favourably received. Can't wait for season 1 part 2 in January.

What I’m Planning…

Planning is difficult at the moment. The world is so unsure of the future at the moment it's hard to plan. I'm hoping for another holiday to Wales at the very least.

I'm fed up with people taking the piss with me. Only wanting to talk to me when they want something from me. That's going to change. I love helping people but it's always seems to be a 'one way street'. That's going to change. 



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