Friday 1 December 2017



I've bleated on about this many times, probably every year. I make no secret that I there are aspects to this time of year that I hate.

The biggest issue I have is the cost. The retail corporations are so desperate to separate us from our hard earned cash that they lay on the massive guilt trip media campaigns that show us what we need to have the 'perfect magical Christmas' - it's bullshit of course! All it does is show so many people who can't afford the extravagance that they are somehow inadequate (also bullshit). This in turn forces said people into debt so their child can have that 'must have' gift and try and recreate that magical Christmas they've been sold.

Also it's the starting date. Christmas items are in the shops as early as August. How long does it take to prepare for a day? Money is finite so the retailers know if they spread it across many months there's a chance you'll spend more. I don't know if Americans have the same issue since they have Thanksgiving and Black Friday as a 'starting line'. They've been trying to get Black Friday as a thing over here but I don't think it's catching on.

Also who are those mad people that put up their decorations in October? Are they the same ones that take them down again on Boxing Day? Madness!

A lot of the time and for a lot of people the season is a let down, we've all experienced Christmases like that I think and that makes the expenditure sting. So why can't it be like the Olympics? Imagine the party that you get to save for 4 years to put on? The magic would be so much more concentrated. I know no one will buy in to the idea, big business owns Christmas and they have their claws (Santa Claws?) deep into us all.

So it's December now, I'm happy I got my rant out of the way. Any time before today is too early to mention Christmas in my book but now you're all fine. So try your best to ENJOY the preparations, try to not overstretch yourselves, try to look past the greed and make sure you remember those that Christmas is not a happy time. Maybe send a little something their way?

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