Monday, 1 January 2018


So here we are. 2018. Still no flying cars but robots are coming closer to a reality (apparently). Living in the 21st century isn't entirely as it was sold to us.

Plus today is the first day that we have adults in our society that were born in the 21st century. If you're celebrating your 18th birthday today (1st Jan) then happy birthday and congratulations on being the first of your kind.

I mentioned in my previous post that I don't usually do resolutions but I also decided that I would look at setting 3 goals that could make me happy. So here they are:

  1. Move my cartooning to the next level. I'm not sure what that is yet but I'll know it when I see it.
  2. Cycle more,  enjoy it more,  get out more. I started out well last year but it all fizzled out. If that doesn't happen this year all will be good.
  3. Buy 2 quality flat caps. If you've read my blog for a while you might know that the flat cap is my headwear of choice, and I could use some new ones.

Nothing grand or unachievable. Watch this space to see if I manage to tick any off. Anyway, it's a new year, welcome to 2018 and I hope it treats you well and of course you make it out alive!


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