Saturday 6 January 2018


Some couples are inseparable, others keep their distance. I like to think that we strike a healthily balance. We love to spend our time together but are free to pursue our separate interests.

Last weekend, the prelude to the New Year, we (Morticia, Rags and me) visited my Mother-in-law (who lives in the Cambridgeshire area) as usual. The New Year was welcomed in with all the relevant cheer. Morticia had suggested long before Christmas that it might be a nice idea to stay on for the week and be down for the Mother-in-law's birthday which is a few days into January. This would have cost me quite a bit of annual leave from work so it was decided that I would return home after the New Year holiday and go to work for a couple of days.

So I drove home alone.

Once I got home I had to take down all the Christmas decorations on my own which, since the house always looks like a grotto, was a mammoth task in it's own right. I enjoy being alone, I like my own company... to a point. So I worked, I watched some Netflix (binged on a bit of Black Mirror for the record) and I did my best to sleep alone.

Friday (yesterday) came and time to return to my family, however I was no longer alone. I was taking down Harley, my eldest, so she could surprise the Mother-in-law for her birthday.

So here I am, all reunited with my Morticia and with my kids. Like I said before I enjoy my own company but it serves to remind me why I love my family and makes me appreciate my Morticia more. When she's getting on my nerves I remember what it's like without her and I smile a little inside.

On a side note I'm on my way with my New Year goals (and it's only the first week). My Mother-in-law has bought me a late Christmas present - a new hat. (and you know how much I love my flat caps

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