Thursday 25 January 2018


Sometimes we look back and remember the things that we really wanted when we were younger but never got.

That thing you may have asked for at Christmas or something you were saving up for and never managed to get. We all have something we wanted at one time that never happened.

When I was in my mid teens I saw a gadget that I was sure I couldn't live without. I remember saving my pocket money but the thing in question was just out of my price range. The thing I wanted most of all back then was a teasmade.

A cross between a kettle and an alarm clock, this device promised to wake me up in the morning with a fresh cup of tea. I saw it as the height of luxury but I just couldn't afford the £35 that they were back then. I ended up buying a cheap kettle for my bedroom but it wasn't the same - it was short lived.

The second item comes later but follows the same theme (unintentionally) of a device to wake me up. Clock radios were a big deal when I was younger but have, with the appeal of the mobile phone, fallen out of favour in modern times. I still have one, I've had it on my bedside table for about 40 years (and it still works) although I don't set the alarm anymore (I do what everyone else does and use my mobile as an alarm). However this didn't stop me from wanting to replace it with something older. That's right older.

Since I saw the alarm clock that Michael J. Fox had in 'Back to the Future' I've really wanted one of those flip style clock radios. Unfortunately they were never a thing in the UK so getting hold of one is practically impossible (and I've tried).

So there it is. Two things that slipped though my fingers and that I still think about from time it time. 

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